The Tigers lair – Scouting – Season 1

Welcome back to the second part of my new series with FC Nordsjaelland, if you missed my introduction on the save which explained the rules I have set myself, I suggest you give it a whirl before diving into this piece PART 1.

Scouting, a huge part of Football Manager and one of the most covered topics each year. Everyone goes about their business differently but we are all looking for that young superstar. I want to go over on what I have done in my first preseason with my recruitment set up.

If you did go over and read the introduction you will know I can only sign players of the age 23 or under. They must also be from the following nationalities Denmark, Ghana, Sweden and Norway. Having these rules makes scouting a little simpler for me.

The scouts I had when I arrived was very poor so I have improved them as best as I can. I will firstly go over on what I look for when signing a scout and why. Scouting on this save is a huge part of it for me so the topic having it’s very own post I think is needed. I just want to add I’m not saying this is the right way it’s just what I hope will work for me going forward in this series.

When looking to build a brilliant save for me having good solid recruitment set up means the world and is the first thing I get to work on when arriving at my new club. When you are on the hunt for a new player the first thing you do is look up their attributes, I do the exact same with my scouts. I heavily look into 4 major points on their profile to see if they are someone I can add to my team.

Screenshot (83)

Above you can see a scouts profile, I have highlighted the key features I look for before deciding whether to offer them a position. It’s really simple and pretty self-explanatory but I will quickly go through them and why.

Personality – The personality will tell you a lot about your scout just like it does an outfield player. You don’t want a lazy unprofessional scout on your books. Having a scout with a professional and determined attitude will 100% get you better results.

World Knowledge – In this save, this will be a key factor for me due to my rules on what nationalities I’m allowed to sign. All my scouts will hopefully have a fantastic knowledge of 1 of the countries I mentioned earlier. In other saves, this wouldn’t be a huge factor.

Adaptability – A scout that can settle into new surroundings better will do his job better, simple really. Like any job, if you are feeling comfortable where you are and within what you are doing it makes life a lot easier. Less time it takes for him to settle in means more time he is out searching for that wonderkid.

Determination – Football Manager doesn’t highlight this attribute when looking for a scout but personally I think it’s important. A more determined scout will surely do a better job than one who isn’t. Simple really and why would you sign a scout with poor determination?

Judging Player Ability –  Again pretty self-explanatory this one but hugely important. When you send a scout out looking for a first team player to slide straight into your squad this is that attribute you want to look at. This shows how good the scout is at judging the current ability of the player.

Judging Player Potential – We all want the next 16-year-old Messi to fly into our inbox and to have any chance of that happening the scout needs to be able to judge how good a player can be in the future.

So a brief explanation of what I look for and why I’m pretty sure most people will do this when looking for scouts to sign. I said earlier the scouts when I arrived was very poor and needed some quality adding before setting up any assignments. The funds at FCN aren’t brilliant as you would have seen in the introduction but I believe I now have scouts good enough to help me going into this first season. I will be adding 3 shortlist pages including future players, first team players and backups. I believe just these 3 sections are easier to keep track of.

Now it’s time to meet the new scouts on my books and let’s see where I have sent them. I have sent each scout out to their countries for 6 months, after the 6months I will review and make any changes I think necessary for the remainder of the year. Each scout will be told to look for players only of the age 23 or under.

Screenshot (85).png

Steen Nedergaard – A new scout I have bought on board with knowledge in 2 out the 4 countries I need and decent attributes for this level. His assignment will be 6 months in Denmark looking for players that can go straight into my first team.

Screenshot (86).png

Rene Klok – Another scout that I have set up in Denmark looking for hot prospects only. A judging player potential of 15 can hopefully bring in some young talent I can take a closer look at.

Screenshot (87)

Kim Kallstrom – A name many will know and someone I thought had real potential to become a top scout I have sent him to Sweden to look for all aspects of players. Kallstrom has great world knowledge of 3 of the countries I need so I hope he can fulfil the potential I believe him to have.

Screenshot (88).png

Hans Thodsen – It turns out finding a scout with knowledge of Ghana is very difficult, I have had to send Thodsen there hoping he can find some young talent. Not my greatest work but it will be done for the 6months. The adaptability of 10 worries me a bit but It’s an area we will work on.

That’s all the scouts I have sent out I do have another scout that will scout upcoming opponents. This is far from perfect right now and I can only have 5 scouts but like I said this is a huge area we will be working closely on throughout the save.

I have faith in these scouts and after speaking to the board managed to sort some coaching courses out to help them improve.

Kim Kallstrom – ON A COURSE 

Rene Klok – ON A COURSE

Steen Nedergaard – ON A COURSE 

I managed to get the above 3 on fully funded courses to improve them. This first season I’m not expecting wonders but it’s a start for a great future.

I hope this has been enjoyable to read for you guys and we will come back to this in the future and see what players they found for me in their first 6months.

A few mentions from myself…

The FMbase blog team as always giving some great feedback, check them out below well worth it.

Alex Parkin

FM Lehrer

The Wide Playmaker

And Cleon who a lot would know, for some advice I needed on preparation for this post.

See you next time.

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