The Tigers Lair – Introduction – Part 1

Welcome, I hope you’re well today and ready for some brand new DazzaFM content. You may have seen on Twitter, I have had twins recently and had no time to get on the laptop and play FM. My new life is starting to settle a little more and as planned a new save will start.

Velez was fun for the 5 seasons we were in charge and won some cracking trophies but, I had a lengthy break from that save when in the hospital with the wife and when I returned the passion for it had fizzled out. I started a Lazio save on Twitter and did a few articles on some of it but was never a save to go long term.

This new save with FC Nordsjaelland (FCN) will hopefully, now keep me going till Football Manager 2020. I won’t set a schedule on posts per week, with twins that’s impossible to achieve.

FCN Logo

We have arrived in Denmark before we start I have set up rules I must follow while in charge of FCN. I never have set rules in my saves before but this time I want to try the following.

Today will just be a quick walkthrough of what the save will be all about, pretty short and simple introduction. Next blog we will dig deep into the squad and see what I’m working with.


  • Sign players of the age 23 or Under.
  • Sign players with the following nationalities only…
  • Ghana
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden

I have to keep to these rules from the very beginning. Some of you may be wondering why Ghana, I’ll explain briefly and this is something that heavily interested me in choosing FCN. Any player currently at the club when I take over can be available even if they’re not within the nationalities mentioned above. Choosing these nations means any young talent I’m lucky enough to find won’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy.

The Right To Dream Academy  The link here explains in much better detail of how this academy works with the club. Their website has all the information you need and can explain it much better than myself. All I want to add is this is a massive reason on why the save took my interest, anyone that reads my FM content knows I love youth setups and finding young talent.

Style of football for FCN has got me thinking a lot over the last few days and I’m hoping to go with a tikka takka style tactic. Different from their real-life approach but I want to bring a new look to the style we play. Danish teams aren’t known for their keeping the ball style but I’m hoping with the squad I have we can begin to change that early on in my reign. The young squad we have will draw attention to some key players from the go but we will hit that in the next episode, all I know I will have some huge decisions to make.

I don’t want this series to be a typical season update, I want to add more to each article and show you in-depth the important areas of the save. I get bored with writing updates on just placings and results through the past weeks. I have recently dived into tactical FM writing and love it so I want to keep doing that but it will all be based on FCN.


Stadium Name – Farum Park

Capacity – 10,100

The first stadium in Denmark with artificial grass.

Nickname – The Tigers


Danish Superliga Champions 20011-12

Danish Cup – 2009-10, 2010-11

FCN has very little luck in the European competitions and that’s something I want to change becoming a regular Champions league team will be hugely difficult but achievable. I will be looking at a 3-year plan to be regularly competing for the Danish title and then we will look more seriously into Europe.


Intro Art

A budget I’m more than happy to work with going into my first season. Media predicting us 6th gives us less pressure in the first year anything above that to build on would be classed as a fantastic season. I will be going all out in cup competitions, I want silverware for the fans as early as I possibly can. Kobenhavn and FC Midtjyland will be hard to overcome, these powerhouses will set the bar in the league.

I won’t be showing the squad or anything like that in this post I will save that for next time. I just wanted to announce the team I finally had chosen along with the save rules. I will also be updating results on Twitter so make sure you’re following me over there.

I can’t wait to get started on the save and bring you some really great factors in this save.


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