Lazio – Team Guide – Football Manager 2019



Over the many years, I have played Football Manager it has made me fall in love with teams and even follow them in real life progress, it’s a huge factor in why I love the game. The Italian league has fastly become my favourite league to manage in due to Football Manager 2019. I recently started a save with Seria A team Lazio and it’s becoming more fun each day, I want to show you why this club makes a great FM save.

Name – S.S Lazio

Founded – 1900

 Stadium – Stadio Olimpico 

Stadium Capacity – 70,634

Current Manager – Simone Inzaghi 


Club history


Before I ever get into a save on this wonderful game I need to do my research on the clubs history and see if I can get a good feel for the club before adding myself as their virtual manager. Let’s take a deep look into Lazio breathtaking history.

Lazio is the 6th most supported team in Italy and the second in Rome only to be beaten by their biggest rivals AS Roma. One of the biggest rivalries in world football is the Rome derby, Lazio Vs Roma one of the main fixtures you will come across in your reign and is always a home game for both teams due to the stadium sharing.

National Honours –

Serie A – WINNERS (2) – 1973/1974 & 1999/2000.

      Coppa Italia – Winners (6) –  1958, 1997–98, 1999–2000, 2003–04, 2008– 09,2012-13.

Supercoppa Italiana (4) – 1998, 2000, 2009 & 2017.

Serie B (1) – 1968-69.

European Honours –

  UEFA Cup (1) – 1998-99.

UEFA Super Cup – 1999.

A pretty healthy trophy cabinet but for me, there is so much potential for you to add more to this list. Only two Serie A championships and the most recent being in 1999/2000 season. With Juventus being a powerhouse of not just Italian football but now world football this task may have got even harder but still achievable in my eyes. The hardest task of this save would be Champions League glory, something Lazio fans are yet to see, this has to be your long term goal when arriving in Rome.




Let’s take a deeper look into the last 10 years of Lazio’s Serie A performance.

league graph

League table.png

As you can see from the charts above Lazio’s last 10 years have been all over the place and haven’t had a manager to bring in any consistency. Managing to reach the Champions League only a handful of times is a tough pill to swallow for Lazio supporters. I think this makes out for a cracking challenge of building some stability within the club. They’ve had some really good success in the Coppa Italia but it’s not enough, even after reaching 5 finals in 10 years with, 3 winners medals.



Before you begin any save you want to know what finances you have to work with going into your first season. I firmly believe Lazio have a strong starting transfer budget and wage budget to hit the ground running.

Minimum Transfer Budget – £16m                                 Minimum Wage Budget – £1.4m

Maximum Transfer Budget – £24m                                Minimum Wage Budget – £1.7

With the squad you have these budgets will allow you to build a healthy squad for your first season in charge.

The media prediction for the first season is a 6th place finish, which would gain you a EURO group stage qualification. I believe with a good transfer window and tactic in place getting close to that top 4 and a Champions League spot is well within your grasp. Anything below 6th will be a failure in the fans and boards eyes.


Key Players

I have picked out 3 players that will be a massive part of any success you bring to Lazio. the hardest part will be keeping these 3 as major European teams will be after their signature.

Screenshot (33).png

Ciro Immobile –  The star striker for Lazio and just by looking at his stats you can see why. Immobile being 29 years of age means he will be gradually dropping off in the next couple of seasons but for the first season if you decide to reject the interest from the likes of Tottenham and both Manchester clubs he will bag you a lot of goals. Selling Ciro in your first season would bring in a huge sum of cash but would need to be spent on a star striker as a replacement. I’m in the middle of a successful reign with Lazio and this man has scored a lot of goals, think wisely when deciding his future.

Screenshot (34).png

Luis Alberto – This Spanish attacking midfielder oozes with class when in a tactic suited to his qualities. He will rack up assists for Immobile when playing just behind him and is capable of a high goal scoring season. At just 26years old Alberto still has a lot to give but once again will attract major attention from the biggest clubs over the world. I would recommend keeping hold of this talent for many years to come as the Lazio boss.

Screenshot (35)

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic – This young Serbian is the best footballer in your ranks by a long way. You can see from his stats the qualities he entices and he will only get better and better with age. You can see from the image above, I was not able to keep him and he was sold in my first season. the amount of interest he receives is too much for his head not to turn. I tried everything in my power to keep him with a huge contract offer not being enough, we lost him, Manchester United bid a whopping £70m, a deal good for everyone involved. I believe this would be your biggest decision in the first season either trying your utmost to keep him or taking a huge sum to build your Lazio squad. I rejected multiple clubs and waited for just under £70m, don’t sell him cheap and keeping a player at your club that wants a big move is never good for the squad morale.



Short Term –  I put these expectations to myself when I started my Journey in Rome, short term is as followed.

  • Within 3 seasons grab a top 4 spot and qualify for the Champions League Group stages.
  • Win a national cup in your first 2 seasons.
  • Look at bringing in youth good enough to grow and help your long term goals.

Long Term – Long term expectations are as followed.

  • Battling with the likes of Juventus for the title each year.
  • Becoming a regular Champions League team and advancing from the group stages.
  • Overtake A.S Roma and become Rome’s biggest club.

Ultimate GOAL – After your long term goal is complete then you need to think about the next step…

  • Become Italy’s biggest football club and win the league each year along with the national cups.
  • Give the Lazio fans their dream champions league final and take home the trophy.


I hope this guide will inspire you to become the Lazio manager in your next save, this is truly a huge club that needs a top manager to take them to the next level and beyond, is that guy you?

If you do take the plunge into managing Lazio please let me know on Twitter how you’re getting on and if this guide helped you.







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