Season 3 – Boca We Are COMING!

Welcome, the 3rd seasons preseason has been and gone it’s been a mind-boggling time on how to catch Boca, even get close to them this season. I have written a small article on this matter Catching Boca

So let’s begin on how I have approached season 3, after two seasons of placing in the top 3 I have high expectations once again!

Blog Transfer BAR


As I strongly mentioned in my last post this transfer window was about adding squad depth to my first 11, something Boca has in high quality. I was perfectly happy with my first team squad so adding quality to the bench was my only intention.


Screenshot (82).png

We bought in Cartabia last season for a record fee of £3.6m and as the Vargas replacement didn’t have the season I wanted. He was on huge wages but I didn’t plan on selling him, then Swansea came in with a £6m offer and that was never getting turned down. Wingers are something we have used religiously and will continue doing so this season.

Cartabia was our only big name to leave the rest was youngsters going out on loan.


Screenshot (84)

These were my signings going into the 3rd season, a familiar face in Gonzalo Lamardo who was on loan last season we managed to get him on a permanent deal. I haven’t overspent again due to the fact we just haven’t got the finances to do it, I believe we got some good quality squad depth for some good fee’s here. Tiago Casasola will be very close to starting in central defence, he is a young defender with a lot of quality another great find from my scouts. Pawel Cibicki from Leeds is the first European player to join our ranks, I have mentioned many times bringing in 1 or 2 EU players was something I wanted to do, we finally got one. Cibicki could potentially replace Cartabia this season but he faces a close battle with Bouzat, they both will have a good run in the friendlies to impress me. The other signings being Reyes (ST), Romero (DC) are young players with good potential and make great additions to the squad. I will show my main transfer profiles below so you can have a quick look.

Screenshot (86).png

Screenshot (87).png

The addition of the players wasn’t the only work I did, I also added better coaches and scouts to my ranks to get a little closer to the quality set up like Boca.

tactic talk

I have decided to change up my tactic slightly going into this season, after taking a lot of time reassessing my squad I decided to do the following.

Screenshot (89)

A more attacking formation compared to one of the seasons before, we have the quality to really destroy teams with the attacking threat we have and that’s something we need to take more advantage of. Games in the past we have had silly draws by not taking the games to teams we should be beating, I’m hoping this tactic cancels them out. The new style will be a positive attacking flow with the long ball to our speedy striker which has worked great in the past. We had a lot of yellow cards and red cards last season so I have told the players to not go flying in and be more sensible in their tackling. Hopefully, the quick temp football will be good enough to get a little closer to Boca this season or even pip them to the title, we shall see. I will be doing a bonus post on this tactic as long as it plays the way I want it too.

The pitch size this year I went with the narrow dimensions when asked, this was because of my 3 Central players is where our best football come from. We are so powerful down the middle of the pitch, It’s where we win most of our games. Wide midfielders are something I also like but I like them floating in and giving more options with the middle 3. Boca in recent years loves playing out wide so part of my decision on the narrow pitch was to give them a disadvantage at our ground. I think the new tactic and the narrow pitch will suit us well and will be a success this year.

Screenshot (89)

Copa Libertadores 

 My first time in the competition seen us get knocked out in the first knock out round, which was expected of us. I wanted to do one better than what the board wanted but we drew Flamengo and got annihilated 7-2 (after 2 legs). The competition taught me enough about my squad ready for the next time around, which again the board has given us the same expectation. I know winning this cup is a long way off and winning the league needs to be my first priority but this cup is something I look forward to each season to try and cause an upset.

Blog League Table BAR

So as I usually do in my preseason updates I show you how the league table looks after the first 5 games into the new season. We will be playing 21 games only this season.

Screenshot (91)

We sit in second place, as we usually do. The first time in the save I’m above Boca so that’s a good start and the new signings have settled in very well. The tactic is playing just how I imagined it. The narrow pitch is defiantly working and a team that comes to us that love to play wide defiantly lose an edge, let’s hope the same happens when Boca come to us on the 1st of November.

Overall I’m extremely happy with my preseason and how the start of the season has gone. I hope we can keep in touch towards the end of the season to the title, I have a good feeling about this and Boca in the first 5 games seem a little off the boil, we shall see if that continues, I very much doubt it.

Thank you for popping by and sharing the journey with me in Argentina.

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