WHY Velez?

Why Velez

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying the Viva La Velez series. This is another bonus post with me going over some questions I have been asked since my managerial career in Argentina.

The main question is why Velez and why the Argentina Super League?

In recent Football Manager years, I have always enjoyed very random leagues when streaming or blogging you would very rarely see me in the likes of England or Spain. The leagues that have always appealed to me are the likes of the Danish, Austrian and even Croatian to name a few. When Football manager 2019 had been announced I was on the verge of creating content again after a lengthy 9-month break, I had been thinking for weeks before release for a save that I could enjoy season after season after season, something I rarely do in Football Manager is last over 4/5 seasons and I really wanted this year to be different.

FC Nordsjaelaand in the Danish top division was a top runner for me but again it’s what I was used to year in year out. Argentinian Super League had NEVER crossed my mind any year and still had not this year. I had read a few guides from some bloggers who have had great fun in South America and my mind started to wonder, I did some intense research into the league and the rules. The average points league table that works out the relegation of teams a season was something I have never seen before and didn’t really understand, but when you are in the game and can see how it works it’s a lot easier to get your head around. The league is also in a transition to get the number of teams down to 20 so for the first 3 seasons (I think), 4 teams get relegated and 2 teams gain promotion from the league below till 20 teams are reached and then the standard play each other twice structure is back. After a good week of research, this league started really getting me interested and I knew this was then a top runner. Something that I noticed was there are very little European players in the league and I thought maybe in a few seasons time I could maybe add one or two EU players in to see if they could perform.

So the league was then picked and that was the easy part when you know absolutely nothing about a league picking a team is very difficult indeed. Believe it or not, I first started looking at the logos and seeing which I liked the look of. I knew Boca and River Plate wasn’t for me so I started writing down what I wanted in a team which was…..

  • Good youth facilities – Something I rarely do on FM is look at my youth set up and try to make my youngsters into superstars maybe because in my head I know I will be done after 4 seasons on the save. I thought if for once I take youth serious with a good set up from the start it may help me enjoy a long-term save.


  • Mid-table predicted finish – I didn’t want a top 3/4 predicted team a squad that was predicted mid-table and that had a solid foundation to build something special was the way to go for me. Olympiakos is a team I love managing in all the years of playing FM and they are the only top team in a league that I would, I’m not a fan of taking on the league giants from day one.


  • Real Life interest –  When I’m in a fun save I usually take it a step further and try to follow the team I’m managing in real life. I have even bought shirts in the past when a save has got me that well enticed with it, I love it.

I asked in the #FMcreators discord channel if anyone had any idea what team would suit me from the league after listing what I wanted, I had 2 replies instantly in my DM’s saying VELEZ, and they were spot on. I later found out Gabriel Heinze was their current manager and I don’t know why but taking over his job interested me, probably because I had heard of him before. I went through their team and the youth system and their young players were exactly what I wanted the squad instantly appealed to me. They were predicted 9th out of 26 teams a little higher than I wanted but that didn’t bother me as much, one thing did bother me a £0 transfer budget and a wage budget in need of major work. These factors were again something I didn’t like I love signing players in FM and knowing in my first season I couldn’t made me think twice, but this save was all about new experiences so I didn’t let this put me off Velez, plus I liked the badge it was in my top 3.

As you know I’m now well into my second season in charge and I must say the save is already up there with one of my favourites, maybe when something goes wrong and I get through it and want to carry on we will tell how much I do love the save. In the past with many saves at this point I have thoughts of a new save, it’s just what I do but this one I just can’t wait to get home and get playing.

How do you play the game?

The new features this year are incredible the training is by far for me the best upgrade we have seen. I have always been a let my assistant manager do that and let’s just ask the assistant this but I said to myself this year not anymore, I want to do everything and play the game more in-depth. With the league being out my comfort zone I wanted to take my time with training, mentoring, tactics and much more and see how well I can play this game. I have always been a guy who played in 2D the old school way and this year is not changing that but what I am changing is how I watch the games. I used key highlights for many years this year I have moved to comprehensive and what a great move its made me change tactics for the better and you notice a lot more it really has put more enjoyment in the game for me. Set pieces are something I have never again touched but this year gave it ago, it hasn’t yet worked for me but I’m having great fun trying and every corner and throwing brings a little excitement to see if I can get a goal from a move I have created.

Playing the game more in-depth has 100% boosted the fun for me and this year’s game has smashed all the other years out of the water. Anyone thinking to play the game more in-depth should really give it ago.

Thank you all for reading and hope you enjoyed this little bonus post and will keep up to date with my life in Argentina.

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