Season 2 – We Go Again!

season 2 planning blog

Season 1 – The Review – If you haven’t caught up on the latest post have a quick read before seeing how we set up for the new season ahead.

Welcome back everyone, hope you are well and ready to get stuck into what I have done in preparing for our second season with Velez. Last season was amazing with us getting to a cup final and a 2nd place league finish. This preseason is now super important in keeping our young talented squad together with hopefully adding 1 or 2 new faces to the squad.


I knew with last seasons success the board’s expectations wouldn’t just be a mid-table finish, I was right they wanted us to finish near the top of the table which I’m guessing is top 3? A very tough task indeed. The cup the board have also asked for quarterfinals this season which I believe is achievable, to be honest, I want another cup final and this time some silverware.

Contract art

As you can see above I got offered a new extended and improved deal with the club which I was more than happy to accept. Our assistant manager Julio Vaccari I really wanted to keep after we had worked so well together the first year, it seemed unfair not to show my gratitude with a new deal for him, he only had 1 year left. The plan was for him to leave this year and I too bring in someone on my own accord, Not anymore he is staying.

Blog finances BAR

Last seasons budget of £0 was a shock to me but we dealt with it easy and used our young player’s which worked a treat, but this year I knew some money would be needed as we needed that Vargas replacement still and a new rotation striker.

Finance graphics

After sitting down with the board and getting a pleasant surprise with a transfer budget of £5.5 million, I left the boardroom with a huge smile on my face. I believed this to be more than enough to add 1 or 2 new fresh faces to this talented squad. I knew if this sum of money was used correctly we could be in for another great season.

Blog Transfer BAR

We did some business this window bringing in 3 new faces and letting 1 player go for a decent fee.


Luis Amarilla who was never really making an impact on the first team he got 10 appearances last season and scored 0 not great for a striker, He left to Libertad for £1.2m a great deal for us.


Fede Cartabia – 

Screenshot (46).png

Welcome our record signing from Coruna for a whopping £3.6m a few factors in why I made this deal and a major one is his lighting pace and great dribbling asset, remind you of  Vargas a little? Yeah me too. Cartabia has a great passing ability and can whip in a great delivery he is a man of many talents. Hoping for a big season for the new 26-year-old! Another plus for this signing is that he does not add to my foreign player’s list. I’m always looking to bring in Argentine players when I can.

Sergio Gonzalez – 

Screenshot (49).png

Sergio joins us on a free transfer and fits the role of a rotation striker for me very well he will behind the likes of Salinas and Vera. The pace he possesses is something that attracted me to him and only being 24 years old, he isn’t going to make a huge impact on us this season but if he is needed I believe he can do a solid job!

Carlos Brandt – 

Screenshot (51).png

Carlos was our final signing of the window and again another free transfer, only being 17 years old he will be in the reserves this season on a training scheme for the year to try and get him where I want him to be for the future. He has good finishing technique along with a good first touch and some pace. Hopefully, Carlos can turn out to be a decent addition to the squad in the future.


As you will all know if you have managed to keep up to date with all my write-ups on this save, youth is a massive philosophy for Velez and something the club is tremendously proud of. This preseason we have seen Boca once again spend another £16m on players, we just can’t compete with that so I have sat down with a number of promising youngsters this year and got them under good contracts. I have found a number of these players loan deals which I believe will do them the world of good, hoping they will come back next season pushing for a starting place. I have listed a few names below that have left us to go on loan for that vital game time. The new training layout does make it a lot easier to mould these young players into the player you want but I’m still a huge fan of game time hence why so many have left us.

These are the players I will be keeping a very close eye on this season. I have picked the teams for them to go out on loan the best I could from what was available.

Screenshot (53)


tactic talk

We have shuffled with the tactic a little from last season…

Screenshot (57)

The new tactic is just so we play out from the back more and work the ball up field keeping possession rather just hoofing it up field relying on speed. Last season was huge for us getting our youngsters a lot of first-team football now they have the confidence to play this way, I hope. We had the Attacking Midfielder put in just to add extra support to the striker as Vera the young 20-year-old will be my main striker this year and I believe he will need more support than Salinas did last year.

Blog League Table BAR

Screenshot (55)

5 games into the new season and once again sitting nicely in second place, we seem to like it. Boca has the perfect record and scoring for fun again, our loss was to Banfield a 1-0 defeat which was so unlucky on our behalf. My young players still see to be delivering the goods just like last year!

Thank you for reading again everyone hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.


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