Viva La Velez – Season 1 Review

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Welcome back everyone we are here today at the end of Season One. You last joined us in the league only 4 games in and we were sitting in 2nd place. This season hasn’t gone as we thought but for the better or for the worse? Let’s check out what happened in the Winter transfer window before seeing the league table and the player stats.

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We had a rough transfer window in January which saw our best player get his dream move to Europe.

transfer art


Yes as you can see above we lost Matias Vargas to Fiorentina for a measly £9.25m that the board accepted and said we had to sell, this was a club record sale but still, this young man was outstanding for us before getting his move. Lucas Hoyos our 2nd choice keeper wanted to leave so he went for £750k, not a big loss we bought our young reserve keeper in to sit on the bench.

The £9.25m we got from the Vargas deal the board kindly gave me £2.5m of it to try to replace the left midfielder, it wasn’t enough. With only 2 days remaining in the transfer window when the deal was done, we had little time to sign some sort of replacement.

Welcome, Tomas Andrade on LOAN from River Plate.

Screenshot (40)

The only signing we made he wasn’t as good as Vargas but he did exactly what was needed of him. We had to slightly change a few small tactical issues to get him in but he fitted in very well. The first game he got 2 assists along with a goal, not a bad way to say hello to his new fans. I needed to replace Vargas with a very good dribbler and someone with pace and good technique. His work rate worried me but he was the best with the money and time I had. He was a great signing overall and I’m sad to see him leave back to River as I very much doubt we could afford him.

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Blog3 Table

As you can see the end of the season is here and we are in the same place as you seen before we have finished in second place, what a season we have had. The top 5 qualify for the Copa Libertadores group stages. We were predicted 9th from the media at the beginning of the season. This young talented squad has performed beyond what was expected and I couldn’t be more proud. A second place finish was a dream at the start of the season. I started to believe we had what it takes for a top 5 finish after about 10 games we were on some serious form playing some exciting attacking football scoring a lot of goals.

With the Argentine Premier League looking to get the league down to 20 teams this season and next season, the teams only play each other once. I do like the format and when it changes I will need to do some serious thinking about training etc.

Boca is an absolute powerhouse in this league they tear teams apart and from the start of the season haven’t looked like finishing anywhere else but as the champions. I still think we are a million miles away from the title but, this upcoming season I want to try to get a little closer. This season we have overachieved but it has been because of this young team perfectly fitting the way I wanted to play from day one, it is a match made in heaven.



This season I have invested in training heavily doing every week myself and not letting my assistant manager touch it and I must say it’s worked out a treat. We have had little injuries all season and I believe that is down to my training schedules. I’m thinking in the near future doing another bonus post on how I run my training at Velez. The brilliant season we have achieved I genuinely believe training has played a huge part. I have really thought about training this year and believe its the best addition to football manager 2019.

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There have been some truly great performances this season from a number of players below I have listed my top 3 and will explain why they have been a major asset to this amazing season.

Blog3 PP.png


Lucas Robertone – This 22-year-old has been my best player this season, an averaging rating of 7.31 all season is such a huge stat for this youngster. Robertone made 20 appearances this season scoring an impressive 7 times with 9 assists. He also won player of the year award in Argentina an impressive award for him. The battles we will face now is keeping the bigger teams away from his signature. His role of the Deep-lying Playmaker has been crucial to the teams league placement this season his performances have been outstanding and has been one of the best trainers this season.

Francisco Ortego – Ortega has only averaged 7.00 this season but he has only just turned 20 years old. Ortega in the big games has really put in some amazing performances and has improved more than anyone else this season. Once again we will have to force off major clubs around the world for his services. Ortega as my pacey left-back has really linked up well with both Vargas and Andrade this year. His pace and fearless attitude really scare right backs and he will overlap where ever possible, whipping in some deadly crosses.

Rodrigo Salinas – The big target man Salinas has impressed this season with only 15 appearances due to a few small injuries but has scored 13 goals. The 32-year-old will start to fall off this season I believe but will be very hard to replace especially with our low transfer budget. I hope we can see some sort of form again this season but a backup plan will be needed in case he doesn’t.

Every player put in a solid season to help us finish off a top season with a cup final and a 2nd place league finish. The media and our fans have given me a lot of credit along with the players.

Right guys hope you enjoyed the season review of my first season with this classy club. I’m now going to jump straight in preparing for the new season ahead and there will be a post out in the coming days with any changes and improvements. This preseason is going to be majorly important for many reasons.




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