Viva La Velez – We Have Landed

Hello and welcome to the very first post of my Football Manager 2019 save, We have landed in Argentina and settling down nicely in our new home in Velez.

So along side Twitch I’m having the urge to write more and more over streaming so I want to do 1/2 posts a season at least. The blog site is definitely something I want to add to more often now and take much more of an interest in.

So lets see how well we are doing in these very early stages with Velez, As you probably know this is a save well out of my comfort zone. I have never managed in Argentina or even outside of Europe before but I finally took the plunge and going all out to make this a huge success story.

Just to let you know the finances here are not too clever and it will take me some time to get the club financially healthy. I wouldn’t say we are in major danger but they could be so much better.

Transfer Budget: £0

Wage Budget: £136,800 p/w

We are currently spending: £146,933 p/w

The Squad

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (22)

I won’t lie I really thought I would have a slightly better squad here than I have but we do have some awesome young players that will be getting involved from day one, Well we have no money to spend on any players so this squad I have is what we will be going with from the off.

The Tactic

If you have ever read a blog from me in Football Manager 2018 or watched a stream you probably know I love fast counter attacking football always have and I always try get my teams to play that way. This year with Velez I have assessed the squad and I believe we can go with my usual style and get positive results.

In pre-season I tried a 4-3-2-1 formation with 2 inside forwards helping the lone striker and 3 central midfielders which I believed would be the way to go for the upcoming season. The first friendly we played against Independiente Rivadavia  an Argentina League 2 side and fell to a 1-0 defeat. In that one game I have never seen a tactic not work so much we did nothing I wanted and up front we just had no options throughout the 90 minutes so I went back to the drawing board and produced this….

Screenshot (19)

Now we have added more options going forward to help support the striker and with us not having a decent striker at our disposal we need to get options with him as much as we can. I’m happy with this now and will be given this a good run of games making little tweaks as we go on through the season. We are 4 league games in now and we have played fast counter attacking football and really damaged teams with our pace and fast flow. The AM we do more often than not use as a shadow striker and depending on circumstances the 2 wider players some times are told to push on.

Dazza’s Player Spotlight

Like I have said above I didn’t think the squad would be at the level we are at but it’s not the worse squad by any means I think I was just hoping for better. We do have some absolutely tasty young players I will be building my team around hopefully for many seasons ahead. These are the following…

Matias Vargas

Screenshot (24)_LI

This young 21-year-old is who I’m most excited about in this squad already valued at £7m and with that 5* potential ability I really like Vargas. I have highlighted in the image above some key points as why I think he will work so well in my chosen tactic. With us playing counter attacking football we need pace down the wings and someone who will come deep get the ball and start pressing forward with pace, With his 15 dribbling attribute this fits perfectly. I love players with a good work rate and he also has that in his locker I believe all round he is perfect for us and will be my star man this season. A blogger I’m sure you may know Vincent Guzman wrote a piece about managing teams in Argentina and Velez popped up , He was highly impressed with Vargas, I knew from reading that I would have a great talent in my hands.

Nazareno Bazan Vera

Screenshot (26)

This young lad was in my reserve squad and with my lack of strikers I promoted him and looking to slowly put him in the 1st team when ever I get a chance to. I believe Vera has what it takes to be a top striker I need he just wont hit the heights I need this season. I will be getting him game time when ever possible and keeping a close eye on his training to make sure he is improving at a good rate. His work rate for 19 years of age is something that I loved the look of and the determined personality he holds. With us not being able to bring in any striking reinforcements I’m looking for this lad to make an impact this season.

Lucas Robertone

Screenshot (28)

The Deep Lying playmaker role is very important in this tactic and I want this guy assisting and getting us on the attack as quick as he can picking the ball up from deep areas. Lucas again another 5* potential player at the age of 21 has many fitting attributes. His team work and work rate is awesome along with his passing and technique which really stood out for the job I wanted him to do. Robertone has started all 4 league games so far hitting the back of the net once and assisting 4 times already what a start he has had.

These 3 talents I want to work very close with there are a couple more in the squad but these 3 really stood out for the tactic I will be going with.

Thiago Almada

Screenshot (32)

Now this young 17-year-old is defiantly one i will be introducing most of this season, Well that was the plan till he picked up a torn hamstring which has sidelined him for 2 to 3 months. His decision-making for 17 years old is top draw with a great first touch and not scared to dribble at players. his Work rate and team work is something needed improvements in the coming years.

Safe to say we have some young talent here that could become great players deep down it worry’s me if the club have the ability to keep them with our worrying finance issues.

League Table and Schedule

B1 Schedule

B1 table

An impressive Pre-season after that first game which we was awful then after that and a tactic change seen us play a lot smoother and get positive results. The first 4 league games have gone very well winning 3 and losing 1 has left us sitting nicely in 2nd place. the win over Argentinos Jrs was rather impressive we played amazing keeping the ball well and they literally couldn’t handle us in any area on the pitch. We have been predicted 9th with the bookmakers and I believe anywhere around that position at the end of the season is a solid season to build on. We have also advanced through to round 7 of the Copa Argentina a cup I want to go all out for.

Thank you for taking time to read this guys it does mean a lot I’m still new to the blogging life but absolutely loving it. I will still be streaming when I can but also putting out my content on here on a weekly basis. All feedback is appreciated as I look to learn and improve with every post I put out.


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