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Well now I have slowly settled back into life of Football Manager and with new game released you may have seen I have bought back the FM Creators discord channel. The Discord channel before I left was great and was very active many great people in the chat making FM even more fun. The group has been back now for around a month and slowly we are getting it to where it was many month’s ago, Witch I’m extremely happy about.


Well FM Creators is basically a channel for all your Football Manager needs and NO you don’t have to be a content creator to join. We have Bloggers, You Tuber’s, Streamers and a good dose of podcast’s you can get stuck into from some brilliant creators in the community. The channel is of course heavy Football Manager related but we also talk about real life Football and if anyone has a problem in any way you can be sure someone will help you out as soon as possible. The beauty of this channel is you don’t need to be active to promote your self of course we want to hear from everyone but it’s not a must. Creators of any size are welcome no one is looked down on and you can be sure if your stuck on some content or graphics advice we have people in there to help. This group was made on the base of throwing idea’s from creator to creator and from having 10 people in the chat rooms we now already have over 100 users.

We have channels provided for creators to show off their latest piece of content and so you can also view some creators work you may not of seen before.

#FMcreators also has it’s very on twitter account and we showcase content from all of the FM community you can have 1 follower or a thousand it really doesn’t matter the whole point of this is to support everyone we can. Many people have again started using the #FMcreators along with the #Wearethecommunity hit these in your tweets and we will RT as soon as we see it.

From Next Week we will be doing a #FMCREATOR of the week please follow the twitter I will link below and jump in our channel to see what that is all about.


With the crazy news that I will be becoming a father to twins yes TWINS I have realised I wont be able to keep this going alone and have bought in a mini team so that the channel never dies again.

The Team

DazzaFM –

NewgenFM –

CookiesFM –

Regista – 

On The Break –

This may be added to in the future if needed but we are here to make sure the discord and the twitter profile of the FM Creators can keep growing and growing. I chose these guys to help me run the ever-growing channel as we all have different strengths so it made sense to put this dream team together. Everyone one of us above have our Direct messages open if you need to ask a question of any sort please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

We hope this is a community place you can come chill and enjoy and view some awesome Football Manager content and make some new friends who love the game as much as you do.

I would just like to add we have a MAJOR announcement coming soon something we believe the community will absolutely LOVE.


Twitter – 

Discord – JOIN HERE

Thank you for reading hope to see you all in the channel.


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