Viva La Velez….. FM19

Welcome back guys I hope you are all keeping as well as I ‘am, We have some FM19 news from me today.

After announcing my return to Football Manager content again on Twitch and on here I would first like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back and for the congratulations on mine and my wife’s news on the twins which we now know are BOYS.

So since returning of course my brain has been in over drive on what I should do for Football manager 2019 and finally we have an outcome on this, As you can see on the title we are heading to Argentina to take over Velez Sarsfield. This save is so much out of my comfort zone its unreal but that’s just what I wanted something new and something exciting for my viewer’s and myself. I have played FM since the beginning and have never been to South America, I love the smaller leagues like Danish Super Ligue or the Austrian Bundesliga so leagues with around 12 teams in is where I come and produce my best work.

Velez is such a great club to take over for my first ever job in Argentina and I’m looking forward to the huge amount of games and managing in a very competitive league. I wont lie I could fail very early YES but if I don’t try I will never know, I’ am hoping for this to be a very long-term save for me something I have never really done on any FM’s over the years. A long side of enjoying the save I want to learn the league and the style of football in South America so will be following Velez in real life as well as the league it self, So lets take a brief look on Velez.

Name – Velez Sarsfield

Founded – 1909

League – Argentina SuperLiga

Stadium – Estadio Jose Amalfitani   (49,540)

Primera titles x10

Their current manager I will be taking over is no other than Gabriel Heinze a superb player on the pitch and now has the embarrassment of me taking his job. So usually people will explain their goals and ambitions but I’m not going to do that, I generally have no idea how this will go which does excite me but also is a little daunting. The one thing I will add I’ am really looking forward to learning the Argentinian league and try a different style of FM I have never really needed to do.

I believe with the amount of games we have each season over looking training is going to be a huge factor in how well we compete, The squads are going to be a lot bigger than I’m used to working with which will be a task in its self keeping players happy. I want to concentrate on youth a great amount this FM and build an academy worth shouting about I have been told Velez youth system is strong from the start so improving that even more is something we will look into heavily. This year I want to play Football Manager more in-depth than I have any other year covering all aspects of the game to achieve the best results, Be great learning from viewer’s and who knows maybe you may learn something from me.

So on to the content the plan is to stream every second of this and if time allows me do an end of season review write-up on here but I cant guarantee that just yet. please make sure you are following the stream so that you’re ready for the Argentinian journey to begin.

Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you like the sound of the save just as much as I do.





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