DazzaFm – The Return?

Hello all I hope you remember me and you may know I have been away for a number of months recently due to work and other commitments, You may have seen on my twitter that recently my wife and I are expecting twins, With this incredible news I have been moved closer to home for work and once again will have time to do what I love and that’s play Football Manager and produce some more content. Streaming is my preferred avenue but I need to get used to this new job and see what time it allows for streaming. I also love to blog but I definitely will not have time for both so in these early days of coming back I will see how I get on and make a decision once I get into this new routine. I don’t want to rush anything or make promises I can’t keep so for now please bear with me while I get used to my new lifestyle. It’s absolutely great to have the chance of returning to the community and to just play FM again.

Streaming will be the source of my content. I will not be producing a schedule until I know what is and what’s not possible. I don’t want to promise streams on days then let you guys down of having to cancel them so for now I will stream when I can and will tweet out when I will be going live. I do have a save idea to see out the end of FM18 I will announce soon but for FM19 I have no idea what I will be doing all depends on how I get on with streaming over the next couple of weeks. It may just so happen streaming isn’t fitting around my new job or lifestyle if that is the case I could try something new but for right now it’s pretty much trial and error.
www.twitch.tv/DazzaFM is where the action will be live; so hit that follow button and get ready for some awful FM and a lot of sackings…
You may have seen my new logo and a little rebrand from me this was a must as I didn’t have my old logo or graphics so I’m pretty much setting everything up from scratch.

Thank you for taking time to give this a read and hopeflly see you all in mu chatbox in the near future.




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