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Hello guys I hope you are all well and thank you for stopping by and taking time to read about the future of my new content avenue. Well as some of you may know at the start of December 2017 my PC decided to blow up and I couldn’t create YouTube content or even play Football Manager 2018, I was gutted. Since then I have been saving like crazy for a new machine and have finally bought myself a new laptop and I’m back creating content but not as before.

Some of you may know me from YouTube and seen the content I was creating on my channel, I enjoyed it very much and wish I could continue but now due to my new job and having to work longer hours YouTube will not be suitable for me anymore. Blogging has always been something I have really wanted to do and I look up to a lot of bloggers in the FM community so now I will be proceeding down that avenue.

My blogs will be to do with my current saves and I will be going into some depth as that’s how I like to play the game I will be telling you why and why not I have done certain things in certain situations it will be regular updates but looking into how I do stuff with greater detail. Guides and tactics I like will also be something I look into posting out for you to help the new players and just for everyone to see what I do when playing FM. That isn’t all I will be STREAMING LIVE from Twitch.tv. FM content is a loved hobby of mine and I can not wait to start blogging and streaming for you guys, I hope you can understand my reasons for leaving YouTube for now.

My PC had everything on from accounts, Saves and all my art work and branding images etc…. I have not managed to get anything back and I’m gutted but I will making everything again in the coming weeks and getting back on my creating feet.

This content is brand new for me as far as blogging goes so when I do post please let me know your thoughts and give feedback whether it is good or bad I want to learn and improve every post I do. My first blog save has been chosen and will be announced on my twitter in the coming days I will link my social media below so you can check them out at your leisure.

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/DazzaFM

Twitch – http://www.twitch.tv/DazzaFM



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